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The Safest Dry Baby Wipes

Written by Irina Webb

Are you afraid of all these unpronounceable ingredients you see on the wet wipes packaging?  I was!  In 2013, after buying a box of baby wipes from Costco, I decided to research each ingredient before using the wipes on my baby.  Long story short, that box is still sitting in our garage unopened.  Today, you will find out about an amazing brand of dry baby wipes.  These dry wipes are a little different from the wet wipes that we have talked about before. 

Instead of using conventional baby wipes, I rinsed my baby in the sink under the running water.  I also put warm water in a plastic container and dipped a paper towel in it to wipe my son.  Obviously, I could only do that while we were at home.  For travel, I had to pack some dry towels and a soap solution and do my best.  By the way, the paper towels I was using were not ideal because of the harsh feel they had.  While they were sturdy enough, they were not very soft and only felt better when they were completely wet.  Later, in search for disposable dry wipes for my clients I discovered that even dry baby wipes advertised as ultra-soft, were not soft enough.  But I have two pieces of great news for you! 

The Safest Dry Baby Wipes. A photo of the wipes and a spray glass container.

Positive changes in baby wipes

The first great news is that there have been a few positive changes in the manufacturing of baby wipes.  I know that because every year I survey the baby wipes market and present my findings in the Baby Wipes Rating List.  The 2020 baby wipes list includes 50 items.  However, the mere inclusion of a certain baby wipe brand in the Baby Wipes Rating List does not mean that it is safe.  It only means that I rated it, and some of those brands do not have a good rating.

Since 2013, most baby wipes manufacturers have reformulated their baby wipes to make them safer.  First, in 2014 they started taking out allergenic formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.  And recently, some companies have taken out phenoxyethanol, a common replacement for formaldehyde-releasers. 

However, even the best preservatives may irritate the gentle skin of a baby.  Other ingredients may cause rash, too, even such ones as chamomile and avocado.  And we don’t know what babies are going to be sensitive to until we find out by experience. 

Dry baby wipes

I think you will agree that your baby’s gentle butt goes through a lot right after she is born.  You know what I mean?  Ideally, what you want to use on your precious baby’s skin is gentle cotton dry wipes and true castile soap with as few ingredients as possible.

But not everybody is up for a reusable baby wipe adventure.  I get it!

And that’s the second great news I want to tell you about.

The founder of the Wild & Pure company Rochelle has done a lot of research and created safe dry baby wipes for us.  All you do is spray the dry wipes with a soap solution and wipe your baby on the go.  In fact, you can use them on adults, too.  Essentially, they are cloth wipes that you can throw away or wash 3-4 times.

Because they are dry, the wipes are 100% cotton fabric, and there are no other ingredients.  There are no detergents, preservatives, emulsifiers, pH adjusters, skin conditioners, or any other ingredients so common for wet baby wipes.  (By the way, if you still think Water Wipes are the safest wet wipes, please read my post WaterWipes Baby Wipes: You Need to Know This!)

The fabric of the Wild & Pure dry wipes

During my annual baby wipes research, I ask baby wipes companies what their baby wipe cloths are made of.  Very rarely, they are made of cotton or other biodegradable materials.  Many companies make their wipes from such types of plastic as polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene derived from petroleum.  That is not good for your baby, or for the environment.

Wild & Pure dry baby wipes are 100% cotton.  Rochelle wanted to create a cloth that is both safe for us and has the least impact on the environment.  Her dry wipes are made 50% of cotton called True Cotton and the other 50% – of the repurposed post-industrial cotton clothing scrap.

True cotton in these dry baby wipes

After doing her homework, Rochelle settled on True Cotton fiber because it is grown on a family farm in the US.  That allows her to avoid organic cotton that comes from China.  Because the family lives on a farm, they do their best to avoid using harmful pesticides. 

Also, they hold an OEKO Tex certification.  It means that inspectors test the cotton fiber for numerous chemicals and only certify the wipes if the fabric comes back clean.  

The processing of True Cotton is pretty amazing and you can read more about it on their website here.

Repurposed cotton clothing scrap in the dry wipes

The other half of these safe baby wipes is made of repurposed post-industrial cotton clothing scrap.  That is so good for the environment! 

Of course, in an ideal world, we want to reuse what we have instead of producing more.  But that sometimes raises concerns over potentially harmful chemicals in the repurposed products.  I was glad to learn that Rochelle had investigated that.  The scraps that she sources for her cotton baby wipes come from white undershirts, white underwear, and white cotton socks but not from dress shirts, sheets, or other items that can be treated with formaldehyde to prevent wrinkling. 

In sum, Wild & Pure cloth wipes are soft and safe for your baby’s skin.

How to use Wild & Pure cloth wipes

Now let’s talk about the fun part.  I know that these dry baby wipes are a bit different from conventional wipes, but, actually, not by much.  You can still carry the dry wipes when you leave home.  In addition, you carry a small glass spray bottle that you can buy from Wild & Pure.  It is made of glass, not plastic!  Now, what do you put in the glass bottle?  It is up to you, so you have control of what you put on your baby’s skin.

Do you want to hear my suggestion?  I recommend getting liquid soap made by the process of saponification or the mildest baby washes made of glucoside surfactants (they make the wash lather).  Dr. Bronner’s unscented baby mild soap and MamaSuds true castile soap are two of my favorites.  These soaps have very few ingredients.  The fewer ingredients we have, the smaller the chance your baby will be sensitive to any of them.  In fact, MamaSuds castile soap is made of olive oil only.

Just add 2-3 drops to the bottle.  That will be plenty.  Make sure to use the solution within a few days so bacteria and mold do not grow.  It is better to use boiled water to prevent bacteria from growing in the soap solution.  Spray a wipe with the solution, and you are good to go.  You can throw away the used wipe, especially if it is soiled.  Or you can wash the cloth baby wipes 3-4 times before they fall apart.

The Wild & Pure dry baby wipes packaging

These wipes come in a cotton bag – no plastic.  And you can get a refill of the Wild & Pure dry wipes without any packaging at all.

My son’s experience with these cloth wipes

At the age of seven, my son was learning to wipe himself well.  It was challenging to do with toilet paper only.  I must admit, I started buying some disposable wet wipes so he could use a wet wipe last.  He was happy to use the Wild & Pure eco-friendly wipes by wetting one under the running water and wiping himself well.  He told me that he liked the wipes very much “because they can be dry or wet.”

Conclusion about the Wild & Pure dry baby wipes

So, what do you think?  Ready to give it a try?  You do not have to decide to give up your existing disposable wipes right away.  Just add these safe baby wipes to your routine and decide how comfortable they are for you.

You can buy these dry wipes on the Wild & Pure website.  And here is more great news!  You can get 10% off by using the ReadLabels code at checkout.

I hope you will support this small business owner in her efforts to protect babies from harmful chemicals and the environment from unnecessary pollution. 

With that said, there are clean product options for all budgets in my shop.  Also, book a consultation with me to get clarification on non-toxic living.  And consider joining the Savvy Consumer Circle of like-minded people for fun healthy living.

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