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Video: Doing Dishes With Coconut Oil Bar Soap

If you remember, I’ve researched a lot of dishwashing liquids.  Eventually, I found an absolutely non-toxic solution that works great – coconut oil bar soap.  Look at the suds!  The rest is in my video.

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We tried a few different soap dishes before we found this one that actually works.


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35 thoughts on “Video: Doing Dishes With Coconut Oil Bar Soap”

  1. This is completely new to me. But I am definitely going to give it a try! I currently use seventh generation free and clear but I feel like I have to use a lot more with greasy dishes. Where can I get the bar soap you use?

  2. Irina, you rock – I can’t believe you are doing videos now. Have to say, it’s very compelling – I’ve just bought some and will give it a try. Thanks!

  3. My husband just showed me this page from a post on google plus. I have been washing dishes with bar soap for years. The old fashioned was that I have seen at a lighthouse historical site was putting the soap in a small metal cage with a handle to swish around in the basin. That method doesn’t work as well I think as what you are doing in the video. A few months ago I bought a serger and came up with a design for a fold-over bag that holds small soap scraps. I call them Zero Waste Soap Saver Bags, because you can put all your small hard to use soap scraps in them. Now I use them exclusively for washing dishes and it saves so much time, because you don’t have to keep rubbing the soap on a sponge or washcloth. Here is a link to what I’m talking about Works well with regular soaps too, not just pure coconut soaps.

  4. Hi Irina!
    Great video! Thanks for showing me how to do dishes with bar soap. You have thought I could have figured it out, but it didn’t make sense until I actually SAW it. I’m definitely going to get that soap and give it a try. Any ideas for dishwashers (the machine, not someone to come do the dishes for me…though that would be good too)?

  5. Looks good I want to try, what coconut oil bar soap/s do you recommend? And are they safe to do with baby’s dishes?

  6. This post has intrigued me today. Definitely going to try this soon… May I ask what kind of sponges you use for cleaning the dishes as well as if you have any recommendations for coffee grinders that do not almost completely consist out of plastic? Been struggling to find one 🙁 Thanks so much for all your amazing work you put into your posts. xxx

    1. Hi, Martie: I use Twist scrub sponges. As for the coffee grinders, you are right that all of them seem to be made with plastic. In this case, it is okay because the contact with plastic is very short; thus, leaching from plastic should not occur that quickly. By the way, I don’t recommend throwing everything you have and replacing with better stuff as things you throw away will add to ever growing landfill. 🙂 ~Irina

  7. Thanks so much for the reply Irina… I do agree with you about not just throwing everything away, which is why I have mostly donated everything we have replaced so far. There are so many people in need & I always try to donate before just throwing away… I am also trying to find out about recycling here as this is not a common practice like in other countries. Will definitely look into your recommendations. Xx

  8. Hi. Thanks for this useful video. I have a few questions about washing dishes this way. First – do you wash and rinse with hot/ warm or cold water? I read somewhere that when using bar soap for dishes we should wash with very hot water and rinse with cold water?Second – how you deal with the soap residue left behind? Third – how do you involve the mustard powder in the washing process? Thank you

  9. Oookkkk. I just watched the video and to be honest, I’m so surprised! I thought you mix somehow the mustard powder and the soap, but using only mustard powder??? Don’t you wash after that the dish with soap or mustard powder is sufficient?

  10. Hi, Irina! Thank you for this; I’m not happy with Dr. Bronner’s either. This soap doesn’t seem to be available anymore – would you recommend anything this brand has for the same purpose?

  11. Hi Irina.

    What a great video. I tried to buy Twist Scrub Sponges last week and found that there was a California Prop 65 issue. I read that the company had affixed the spong to the scrubber with something that exceeded the California law. The company has changed the scrubber to a material that doesn’t hold up well and the material is hand sewn to to a fabric layer between the scrubber and sponge. Have you changed the product you use to clean dishes with bar soap? If so, what.are you using?

    Thank you so much for the reviews and sharing.

    1. Hi, Vanessa: I have not been aware of any CA Prop. 65 issues for the Twist sponges. I am still using them. I have contacted my local grocery store where I buy them, and they just called me back confirming that do not see any CA Prop. 65 warning labels on the Twist scrub sponges. Where did you learn about CA Prop. 65 warning? ~Irina

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