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Dishwashing Powder That Will Blow Your Mind

Dishwashing powder that will shock

Recently my mom told me about an idea for dishwashing powder that I couldn’t help but try out. My mom grew up during and after World War II. Her life was a struggle back then to say the least. As a small child she remembers running under exploding bombs dropped by Nazi planes. During the post war years she went through hunger and deprivation. As you can imagine, she did not have access to dishwashing detergents or often to any soap for that matter. Back then people were using mustard seed powder as a dishwashing powder.

She recently learned that liquid dishwashing detergents are full of toxic chemicals. Do you know that your everyday dishwashing soap may contain carcinogenic 1,4-dioxane – one of the major pollutants? Additionally, your dishwashing liquid may contain harsh preservatives (some of which are carcinogens), perfumes (that may contain carcinogenic phthalates), sulfates (that may irritate the skin), dyes (that may be carcinogenic too), questionable emulsifiers and stabilizers. And even if you personally have a strong immunity to toxins, they all go down the drain and contaminate the aquatic life and our drinking water.

Based on this, my mom decided to go back to the dishwashing powder she used before the proliferation of dishwashing detergents. The powder is made of ground mustard seeds. My mom is very happy about her decision. I do not know exactly how, but this mustard powder makes dishes squeaky clean. In the 2-minute video you owe it to yourself to see, I demonstrate how this dishwashing powder cleans a very greasy dish in a few seconds.

The most cost effective way to buy mustard seeds is on Amazon. I grind the seeds in a coffee grinder. Try it. It is fun!

And by the way, you can also make delicious mustard, by following these instructions. First, grind the seeds, about 2 T worth. Add some boiling water and make a paste the consistency of mustard. Add a pinch of salt, and a pinch of sugar. Place in a small jar and let sit overnight covered with a towel. (It will be very bitter at first, and delicious the next day.)

For more options for safe dishwashing solutions, read my post here.

And now, enjoy the video about the dishwashing powder! I thank my husband for putting this great video together.

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20 thoughts on “Dishwashing Powder That Will Blow Your Mind”

  1. I think I have just blown my weekly quota of laughing.
    The mustard seed for washing dishes is a wonderful thing to learn. Will it work to eliminate bacteria or is there something else I need to do for that? Thanks!
    Let your husband know… He has the potential to dominate next years Sundance Film Festival.

    1. He will be glad to hear that. His dream is to become a screenplay writer when he retires from his lawyering job. This coming Thursday is his birthday. As a birthday present to him, please share this video with others. As for bacteria, the short answer is that I do not know. But my sense is since it is so effective at eliminating grease and dirt, it probably removes bacteria along with it. It is the same concept like with soap.

  2. Haha! Great video, Bill, and happy birthday. I have some mustard seed already so I’ll grind it up and see how it goes!

  3. Yes, my mind is blown! I haven’t heard of mustard seed powder. I think this would be a great item to have on hand just in case. I’m currently working on emergency preparedness and long term food storage. I might need to stock up on mustard seeds.

    I was thinking that this is similar to baking soda. I love using baking soda to clean my enameled cast iron that has burn on food.

    1. It does not have the abrasiveness (very mild of course) about it as baking soda does. I can’t explain how it absorbs oils and grease but it does, so much better than anything else.

  4. Loved the video! I can definitely see Bill’s stamp on this one. Loved the credit to George Lucas and the thanks to him! Have you tried mustard seed in the dishwasher yet? If so, how to measure?

  5. First time visitor, very impressed with all the helpful information covering many important health related issues – thanks for your concern and time.

    I’ll try your mustard seed powder in our dishwasher, maybe we can improve upon it and bring it to market.

    Present day dishwasher detergents are responsible for alarming amount of adverse health related issues, toxic fumes are released into our homes ever time we use most cleaning agents presently be mass merchandised in our stores.

    Check out where most of these products are being made, along with the ingredients labelled, and you’ll be shocked to see what our Gov is allowing to be sold.

    Most over the counter medications are nothing more than a scam, if they worked as well as they claim, we wouldn’t stay sick as we are for so long.

    Hopefully, someone will stand up for the little guy on the block, and stop the madness ASAP.

    Maybe, someone like Bill Webb has a solution to some of these problems.

    Happy Birthday Bill, and many thanks to Irina Webb for your dedicated service, I truly admire your efforts on behalf of your fellow women/man…

    Lanny Gilham

  6. Thanks for sharing this useful information. I had a good laugh, also, watching the opening, thanks to your husband. Will try it.

  7. hahahah I just watched this video, I know about 9 months too late. But oh my gosh so funny and informational! Loved it. Oh yeah one quick question, the coconut soap you use for dishes would you recommend it for hand washing too ? P.S Thank you for all research you do and hope you are making a swift recovery !

  8. Hahahaha…. This video just made my YEA, plus I learned something new as well. Definitely need to try the mustard powder… Hope you are feeling much better after your surgery dear! 🙂 Could you tell me what is your stance on stone/marble cutting boards and mortar & pestles? Hope you have a great day! x

  9. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog through Kelly Brogan’s website and I am LOVING it. Question on this – do I just fill the sink with water and add a T of mustard seed powder to do a sinkful of dishes? In the video, you clean a single dish, but I am curious how you use it for handwashing. Thanks!

  10. Any success using it in the dishwasher ? I use whole lemons vinegar salt and water … works well but thinking about boosting it with a tbsp of mustard seed powder …any new experiences since the last comment ?

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