Cotton Footed Pajamas For Family Good Night Sleep

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Organic Cotton Footed PajamasWhen my son transitioned from being swaddled to sleeping in a sleepsack, I did some shopping, but was dismayed at what I found. Most pajamas and sleepsacks (wearable blankets) are made of petroleum-based polyester, and may contain flame-retardants. I wanted to find him warm cotton footed pajamas that wouldn’t have that synthetic polyester feel.


Plus, I learned that polyester does not help us regulate our body temperature well. I think that this means that a lot of babies are either too cold or too hot, which doesn’t allow them to sleep well. And when they don’t sleep well, nobody does.


So, I looked at cotton pajamas. However, the cotton footed pajamas I was finding were either too thin or too snug. I tried a couple of different brands of cotton pajamas without feet, but my son would take off his socks – probably because his feet were too warm, only to have them turn into little blocks of ice a couple of hours later.


You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found CastleWare. They had everything I needed to keep my baby cozy and ultimately ensure that the whole family got a good night sleep. Castleware offers flame retardant-free organic cotton footed pajamas. The sizing is generous so they fit very comfortably.


No more compressed pajamas. No more trouble with cold feet.


In CastleWare, I also found wearable blankets, both with long sleeves and without sleeves, and when my son learned to stand up in the crib, I got him a velour wearable blanket with feet openings.


CastleWare carries organic cotton footed pajamas and wearable blankets in 3 weights of fabrics from the lightest rib knit fabric to medium fleece to the warmest organic cotton velour fabric. So you can mix and match pajamas and wearable blankets to dress your child for the temperature in the bedroom.


CastleWare carries organic cotton footed pajamas up through age 6 so my son will be sleeping in his favorite pajamas this winter. In fact, CastleWare’s sizing is generous, and so I am hopeful that my son will be able to sleep in them through age 7, even though he is tall. He simply loves his pajamas. (My husband keeps asking when they will make them in his size, but so far, no luck; sorry, Honey!)


I also really like that CastleWare makes its products in California by hand and the attention to detail is unparalleled.


Here is what one of my readers, Kendra, said about the CastleWare footie:


“We won a pair of the rose footed fleece pajamas and absolutely LOVE them. They are soft and keep my 17-month old very warm and cozy at night. She loves putting them on and “zip, zip” (as she says) to go to bed at night. I don’t worry about her being cold at night, as I have in the past because we only used cotton pajamas before finding these. I also like how the zipper zips in the opposite direction so there are no snaps or zippers pushing on her chin when she snuggles up on her belly. My 3-year-old is now requesting a pair so they will be on her Christmas list. Love that we have now found safe, warm pajamas for our girls for these cold nights.”


All CastleWare products are made of 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. GOTS ensures that not only the cotton is organic, but also that the entire supply chain (processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading, and distribution) is environmentally and socially responsible. The organic cotton used by CastleWare is grown in Texas; spinning and knitting are done in South Carolina; and sewing and selling are done in California.


Where to buy


CastleWare Website


I am so excited about this sale because CastleWare sales are a very rare occurrence. And know that you are paying for a good night sleep, which is priceless.



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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the sale! Perfect timing as our 2 year old is just starting to outgrow her sleeper bag and we need to size up! I’m going to be buying two this time because she loves her “cozy sack” as she calls it. Glad to have found Castleware through your site! We love their commitment to using safe fabrics and responsible practices.

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