Last updated on November 30th, 2016

When I am interested in making a purchase, I first research the entire market segment, so I understand what goes into making children products in this market and what challenges manufacturers have in creating non-toxic children products in that segment. Based on my findings, I distilled my recommendations of safe children products while providing you with a framework for decision-making.

When I was pregnant, I wanted to create a baby registry.  And I had no idea about potentially toxic chemicals in baby products. When I picked up a baby shampoo and discovered that it contained harmful chemicals. I got angry. I wanted to protect my baby from toxins, and I began looking for a non-toxic baby shampoo.  It took me a month. After that, I looked into other baby products such as mattresses, toys, clothes, changing pads, cribs, and the list goes on.

I never stop researching and as my son is growing up, I present you with safe children products I buy for him. Do you know that most children rain boots are made with PVC and there are only two brands I found that source natural rubber?

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