Natural Fleece Baby Pajamas

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When I stopped swaddling my son, I needed to find very warm natural fleece baby pajamas for him very quickly.   The first time I did not swaddle him, I put cotton pajamas and a cotton sleep sack on him … Continued

Unbleached Organic Cotton

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If you have sensitive skin, or especially eczema and psoriasis, you know that chemicals, and even seams and labels in clothing, may make your symptoms much worse. I love to buy clothing made of organic cotton when it is possible. … Continued

Natural Baby Wipes to Know About

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Last updated on March 2nd, 2018Today I write about Joonya Eco Wipes, the newcomer to the field that scored number 1, (meaning that they are the safest baby wipes) in the Baby Wipes Rating List.  These are natural baby wipes meaning … Continued