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Can the NutrEval Test Help Prevent Cancer?

Can the NutrEval test help prevent cancer?
Can the NutrEval test help prevent cancer?

I recently had a medical test called NutrEval performed that I want to tell you about.  It is a combination of blood tests and urine samples designed to understand how well your body functions and even measures the presence of toxic chemicals.  My results showed, among many other things, that I have a moderately high marker for DNA damage, an indicator of cancer risk.  When I learned that my DNA damage was moderately high a lot of things ran through my head – my father died from cancer at 57; I was exposed to excessive amounts of toxic chemicals for at least 15 years, and I have been very stressed for as long as I remember myself… a lot of things happened to me including a recent hit and run case.  Am I a good candidate for cancer?


But let’s start from the beginning.  What is NutrEval and why did I take it?


A few years ago, after a truck hit me while I was crossing the street on a green light, according to the “traditional” medicine, I recovered after 5 weeks.  But a few things did not feel right to me (e.g. I felt an electrical shock every time I had to cross a street for much longer than 5 weeks) so I insisted on additional tests, including a test for thyroid function.  As it turned out, my thyroid did not produce enough hormones and I was prescribed to take a synthetic thyroid daily for the rest of my life.  Nobody told me that it was a big deal.


Not until I was denied medical insurance based on a pre-existing condition, did I realize that thyroid malfunction is a big deal.  Right about that time I started volunteering for MOMS Advocating Sustainability (“MOMAS”), a local grassroots organization and heard a lot of great things about one of MOMAS’ advisory board members, Myrto Ashe, MD, MPH.  Dr. Ashe is an integrative medicine doctor, which means that she is motivated to help her patients to achieve their optimal health as opposed to maintaining symptoms with numerous pharmaceutical pills.  By the way, pharmaceutical companies control much of medical education and 80% or more of scientific research. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?


Dr. Ashe has a fundamentally different approach from conventional doctors.  At the first visit, she asked me to tell her my life story, literally.  And then she started with the basics: “building blocks” as she calls them.  To get familiar with how well my body functions as a whole, she ordered tests designed to describe how well my body is supplied in vitamins, fats, minerals, amino acids, and what my body is up against in terms of toxic chemicals and stress.  And that’s when I took the NutrEval test.


My NutrEval test results


Besides moderately high DNA damage, the test showed high levels of mercury and MTBE.  I was surprised to see the high level of mercury because I eat very little fish, and if I do, I eat salmon and herring, that are not high mercury fish.  I researched to see how else I could have been exposed to mercury.  And I suspected a recent extraction of an amalgam filling (amalgam composite is 50% mercury) and the fact I have had 8 amalgam fillings in my mouth for over 15 years.


The other chemical, MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether), is an industrial chemical used up till 2005 to oxygenate gasoline.  It is not used anymore, but it shows up positive on my test.  Dr. Ashe suspects that it might be some other chemicals that show up on the NutrEval test as MTBE…


After the initial shock


After the initial shock of the results, I became glad that I took the tests because it allows me to take control over my health in a meaningful way (speaking relatively of course).  And I believe that under the wise guidance of Dr. Ashe I will not only avert the crisis (e.g. cancer) but will achieve my optimum health.  Here are some things I am currently doing to improve my health.

  1. Eat healthy:  only organic, non-GMO food, low-carb diet, lots of vegetables and antioxidants;
  2. Detoxify:  take detoxifying supplements and sweat;
  3. Do interval running every day;
  4. Practice yoga (the studio I take yoga is called YogaWorks);
  5. Spend time with people I love, including my husband and son of course;
  6. Remind myself what I am grateful for;
  7. Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals outside (volunteer for MOMAS);
  8. Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals at home (I do not recommend anything on this blog that I would not use myself).

So, can the NutrEval test prevent cancer?


So, can the NutrEval test prevent cancer? Nobody can say for sure.  But, taking the test and learning the results has motivated me to take concrete steps to improve my health — steps that studies have shown to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other killers — I am eating better; I am exercising; I am reducing stress levels, and I am reducing my exposure to toxic chemicals.  I will probably never know whether the test itself has or will reduce my cancer risk, but I feel like I am more in control of my health, my body and my life, and that is good enough for me.


I am excited about improving my health and about all the future products I am going to discover for me and you.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.  I am very lucky to have such wonderful and supportive readers like you.


For the recent summary of my health journey, please visit here.

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6 thoughts on “Can the NutrEval Test Help Prevent Cancer?”

  1. Great article, Irina! Thanks a lot for sharing this information – I am sure many people will find the information, advice and most important, your positive attitude very helpful and inspiring, as I certainly do 🙂

  2. Irina, I also have Hashimoto’s. I have been working with my LAc and Functional medicine doctor for the last couple of years, improving my diet and getting some supplements. My numbers at first have dropped from 200s to 100s, but the most recent test showed a steep rise again. I was wondering about specific tests you took which I think I might need to do in order to check on what is wrong and why progress had reversed. Also, do you incidently or your doctor have any recommendations for practitioner in Los Angeles/West Los Angeles area. I like my doctor, but I might need to get a second opinion.
    Thank you in advance.

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