2022 Body Lotion Rating List E-Book

Choose the best body lotion for you!

Let’s face it: It’s a struggle to find a body lotion that helps dry skin and eczema that doesn’t have a laundry list of toxics.

We’ve all done it:

You finally find a body lotion your girlfriends rave about…but then you flip the bottle over to check the ingredients. And it’s full of…

Chemicals you can’t pronounce

Mystery “natural” ingredients (are they really natural?)

Potentially toxic combinations that could flare up your autoimmune disease or cancer

So you close your eyes and make your “best guess”…but end up with even drier skin you started with … and a mysterious rash!

Why on earth is this happening to you?

Here’s the truth: it isn’t your fault!


It takes hundreds of hours of investigation and research to uncover which ingredients are safe (yep, the FDA doesn’t approve lotion and cream ingredients for safety!) … and that’s time away from your job and family you simply don’t have to spare.

What you need is a better way to shop for a body lotion!


A chance to a fresh start where you can buy body care products based on the safety of their ingredients, not hype and advertisement.

You need a new way – one that’s easy to understand and easy to use and that will help you have beautiful and truly healthy skin without sabotaging your health.

Introducing the Body Lotion Rating List!

With it, you will be able to…

the best body lotion
Irina Webb The Best Shampoo Rating List

Hi! I’m Irina

I still remember how frustrated and overwhelmed I felt when I was looking for products for my son 8 years ago. I couldn’t understand why shampoos and skincare products that were marketed as “organic” or “natural” had chemical ingredients. What on earth would I be putting on my new baby’s skin?

Instead of passively enjoying my pregnancy, I called and emailed numerous companies, independent agencies, trade associations, and read confusing scientific studies. I was stressed.

In the midst of it all, I didn’t have time to research products for myself. At one point, I reached for a random eye cream in my drawer and applied it. In a matter of hours, my whole face swelled like a balloon. It was a mess, requiring a trip to the doctor.

But I haven’t stopped reading and researching.

In fact, I’m quite obsessive about it—so you don’t need to be.

Since then, I’ve spent hundreds of hours of dedicated research, understanding how skincare products are made, and what ingredients they must contain to deliver certain functions. I share my expertise in one-on-one consultations.

To create the Body Lotion Rating List, I was able to rely not only on my expertise regarding ingredients but also on my background as a financial analyst.

the Body Lotion Rating List testimonial

I discovered lots of good lotions, and the perks of Vitacost over Amazon. That motivated me to order a new lotion and watch for a sale on another one while finishing up the lotion I was using (it was listed as OK). Thank you, Irina, for all your hard work.

Amy Hill

Ready to start your search for the best body lotion based on the truth?

When you buy the Body Lotion Rating List, you’ll promptly receive an email with instant access to the Body Rating List e-Book.

49 body lotions are rated.  These are either the safest or most frequently asked-about body lotions by my blog readers.  You can see the list of body lotions included here.

You’ll also get a document called the Body Lotions Rating List Analysis where you’ll see how I rated the body lotions.

Body Lotion Rating List Testimonial

I bought the Body Lotion Rating List for my daughter who had chronic hives. She was using a “safe” lotion from Whole Foods only to discover it was not safe as we expected. Bummer! It’s shocking that companies sell us bad products and pass it off as clean and safe. She switched to the safest lotion on the list and she loves it. She still gets occasional hives but they are no longer blistering. Thank you, Irina.

Julie Macdonell

Even though I have mature skin (over 70) and have done irreparable damage to it over the years (a sun worshiper in my teens), I am still concerned about what I put on and in my body. As a follower of Irina’s blog for the past few years, I find her e-books to have valuable information in them and have not been disappointed in the two I've purchased. So I expected the same from the Body Lotion Rating List. And I love it! Irina gives plenty of information and for those who like to do even deeper investigation, her links and suggested websites are great leads. From the list I found that the two creams I was using were loaded with ingredients that are not only bad for me, but for the planet to boot. So I immediately switched to the safest option. I am grateful to Irina for all the time and effort she puts into making our planet a safer place for the upcoming generations and then sharing that knowledge with us.

Melanie Koethe

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