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The Aquasana Clean Water Bottle

the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle

Update:  Great news! Aquasana Clean Water Bottles now are made of stainless steel.  Check them out here.



You may have read my story about carrying a plastic water bottle with me when I travel. To read that story, click here. In this post, I want to talk to you that water bottle, which has a really nice feature – a built-in water filter! The water bottle is called the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle.


As noted in my story, and as I repeatedly say throughout these pages, it is best not to use plastic, and as a family, we have significantly reduced our exposure to plastic. I would be a lot more enthusiastic about the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle. if it were made of glass or stainless steel, but, when traveling, it does provide peace of mind.


Bear in mind that when traveling, I use the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle as a filtering device, and do not let water sit in the bottle for any longer than necessary, meaning that the water contact with plastic is much shorter than in any plastic bottle I would have bought while traveling. Sometimes, I even carry two bottles – the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle and a stainless steel one with unfiltered water that I pour into the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle when I am thirsty.


I like the fact that the water filter in the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle was independently tested to two NSF/ANSI standards – NSF 42 and NSF 53 to show that it works to reduce chlorine, lead, cyst, class 1 particulate, and bacteria.  If it works for lead, it should work for other heavy metals.


While a Brita filter (for example) reduces only chlorine, the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle also reduces heavy metals.


Let’s talk about what NSF 42 and NSF 53 mean.


NSF 42


The NSF 42 standard requires filters to reduce non-health-related contaminants to improve the taste of water, which includes chlorine and particles. Since chlorine is a contaminant that spoils the taste of water, in a way NSF 42 is helpful for chlorine reduction.


NSF 53


This standard establishes requirements for the certification of filtration systems designed to reduce specific health-related contaminants, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, heavy metals (e.g. lead and mercury)), volatile organic chemicals (VOCs ) (e.g. pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides, and MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether).


The scope of NSF 53 includes material safety, structural integrity, and health-related contaminant reduction performance claims. The most common technology addressed by this standard is carbon filtration.


Now, Aquasana does not provide information whether their filter water bottles reduce other contaminants addressed by NSF 53 standard such as pesticides.   But I hope it does as any carbon filter would.


Bottled water is not regulated sufficiently so it is not easy to get peace of mind that bottled water is better than tap water. I felt that this water filter would protect me from lead and mercury better than bottled water would. If curious, you can read more the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle here.


The plastic the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle is made of is called Tritan or copolyester.  It belongs to a group of different plastic of the recycle code number 7.  Tritan company claims that their plastic is free of BPA and other bisphenol chemicals such as BPS.  A really astonishing number is that nearly 81 percent of Americans have detectable levels of BPS in their urine. So when you see a “BPA-free” claim, think about the fact that the BPA may have been replaced with something just as toxic, but not as notorious.


One of the reasons I try my best to avoid all type of plastics is because of the research of George Bittner, Ph.D., a Stanford-educated professor of neurobiology at the University of Texas-Austin, the founder of CertiChem lab. He tested a variety of different plastics and reported back that “almost all” commercially available plastics that were tested leached synthetic estrogens—even when they were not exposed to conditions known to unlock potentially harmful chemicals, such as the heat of a microwave, the steam of a dishwasher, or the sun’s ultraviolet rays. According to Dr. Bittner’s research, some BPA-free products actually released synthetic estrogens that were more potent than BPA.


Therefore, while this product is not perfect, on balance, I feel it provides me with the peace of mind that the water I am drinking while I am traveling is free of many (if not all) harmful contaminants.


To purchase the Aquasana Clean Water Bottle, you can click here.


When you drink you have to suck on it.  Keep in mind that without a sucking motion, you won’t be able to get water out.  So if you do not like to share your bottle, you would need to buy a bottle for every family member.


To read more about choosing the right water filter, head over here.

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      1. Stephanie Aguilar

        I’ve only known them for a little while so from my knowledge they do have water bottles with filters. I wanted to know what you think of the quality, I haven’t bought one and I feel like I missed some info on the product. Just wondering what you think of it.

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