Affordable Sol Organics Bed Sheets Review

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I have been sleeping on affordable Sol Organics bed sheets and wanted to share my thoughts about them.


Sol Organics bed sheets are made with organic cotton that is grown without synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and which are irrigated with rainwater, not sewage water.

Affordable Sol Organics Bed Sheets

Unfortunately, according to the Pesticide Action Network (PANNA) conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other single crop. Nearly $2.6 billion worth of pesticides are sprayed on cotton fields each year — accounting for more than 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of insecticide use worldwide.


Moreover, in 2015 the USDA approved genetically modified cotton that resists 2,4-D herbicide, which is linked to cancer, is toxic to fish, and pollutes our water supply.


Affordable Sol Organics Bed Sheets


The affordable SOL Organics bed sheets (as well as all their textile products) are certified to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). You can find their certificate here.


GOTS certifies that the entire supply chain (processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution) is environmentally and socially responsible. Among other things, all heavy metals, aromatic solvents, formaldehyde, GMOs, and nanoparticles are prohibited in the sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of GOTS-certified products.


In fact, Sol Organics bed sheets arrived packed in cotton bags that can be reused. You can see them in the picture.

organic sheets Affordable Sol Organics Bed Sheets

The organic cotton is grown in Chetna Organic Farms, Central India. The affordable SOL Organics bed sheets are made in their Fair Trade-certified factory, which means that workers are treated with dignity and respect, and no child labor or forced labor is used.


The affordable SOL Organics bed sheets come in three light colors including white, blue, and cream, which are achieved with low impact dyes, meaning that they are free of azo compounds and require less water in their manufacture.


What I like about the SOL Organics Bed Sheets


I do not know about you, but I love duvets. There are of course lots of organic sheets; however, I had a hard time finding any affordable organic duvet covers. I had to buy a non-matching duvet by Coyuchi on a deep sale in their outlet store.


I was happy to learn that SOL Organics bedding bundles include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases, as well as a matching duvet cover. For California King size, the bundle runs $259; whereas Coyuchi’s duvet alone can run for $398.


The affordable SOL Organics cotton is 300 thread count and of sateen weave. The sateen is soft and silky, not crisp.


The duvet comes with clips to hold your comforter in place. And the buttons on the duvet are made with coconut shells, the same buttons used on the Coyuchi duvet I have.


Where to buy affordable SOL Organix bed sheets



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  1. We have a duvet cover and sheet sets from SOL, and we love them–great quality, softness, and price!

  2. Super excited about this, thank you so much !

  3. Hi there, is there an expiration date on the 20% off discount? Thanks!!

  4. How do they get the white sheet color? Are they free of bleaches??

    • The sheets are GOTS certified, which means so chlorine bleaches are not allowed and oxygen bleaches are used instead. The sheets are not very white, more of a cream color. Let me know if this helps. ~Irina

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