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5 reasons you might like facial oils over creams

Written by Irina Webb

5 reasons you might like facial oils over creams and lotions

Creams and lotions are mostly water.


Creams and lotions are a combination of oil and water; they are mostly water. Since, as you may have heard, oil and water don’t mix, they are bonded together with an emulsifier. Depending on the manufacturer and the type of lotions or creams, the proportions usually are 80% water and 20% oils. And in some cases, lotions contain even less than 20% oil. The thinner the lotion is, the more water it contains. So when you buy a cream or lotion, you mostly pay for water, while facial oils are more concentrated, and therefore will last you a long time.


Facial oils do not need preservatives


Because there is no water in facial oils, there is no breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Preservatives are not needed. In creams and lotions, a formulator has to use preservatives to prevent bacteria and mold contaminations. There are lots of different types of preservatives and some of them can irritate the skin or act as hormone mimicking substances.

5 reasons you might like facial oils over creams

Facial oils give you the power to balance your skin.


Depending on how your skin feels on any given day, you can apply more or less oil. If your skin is very dry, consider applying more oil on damp skin; usually that means 2 drops for your face. And when your skin is not dry, use one drop of oil and more water to spread the oil evenly over the face. I normally put one drop in my palm and wet my fingers with water, mix the water and oil in my palm and apply the mixture to my face. Or you can apply water to your face first and then follow with oil. In other words, you create a cream or lotion in your palm, depending on how much oil your skin needs.


Facial oils deliver concentrated antioxidants and nutrients straight to the skin.


Because facial oils are made only with oils without water, preservatives, silicones, and emulsifiers, every ingredient in them is for the benefit of your skin. Unlike creams and lotions, there are no ingredients that are in there for the sake of making the product easier to use or store.


Facial oils are better for the environment.


Because creams and lotions are made mostly of water, creams and lotions are either heavier or you have to buy them more often, increasing the environmental toll in getting the products from point of manufacture to your home.


Here is a list of facial oils you might like:


By Valenti Organics – I love all their facial oils and my favorite oil is Squalane + E Facial Oil; great for anybody who, like me, does not like wrinkles


Annmarie Gianni – They sell a sample kit with free shipping and a coupon towards future purchases


Acure Organics Seriously Firming Serum – Great for aging skin


Meow Meow Tweet Face Oil – Good to try if you have blemish prone skin


Weleda Almond Smoothing Oil – It is great for very sensitive skin because there are essential oils


Evanhealy Rosehip Treatment Serum – It is  perfect for those with normal to oily skin.


Spa 4 U Liquid Gold Youth Serum – It makes my skin glow


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15 thoughts on “5 reasons you might like facial oils over creams”

  1. Avatar

    hi Irina, another great post!

    I noticed you didn’t include Spa Secrets on your list. You previously recommended their Liquid Gold oil blend, which I’m using right now.
    Did something change and you don’t recommend them anymore? thank you!

  2. Avatar

    Jojoba oil has been a godsend for me. I used to have rosacea on my face. I now have absolutely none. I never deviate from this nighttime routine:
    1. splash face 8-10x with warm water
    2. use a very mild soap and soft washcloth to cleanse face
    3. rinse with warm water and then 8-10 splashes of cool water
    4. this step is important: LEAVE FACE AND HANDS 100% WET, then put ONE DROP of jojoba oil in your hand, rub palms together and smooth over face, ALLOW FACE TO AIR DRY.

  3. Avatar
    Jennifer Pendergast

    Hi there and thanks for your great posts! I am wondering about the process to make oils. Isn’t it quite a chemical process to extract most oils, other than those you can cold-press like coconut oil and olive oil. I’ve read this, and that oils can be pretty laden with undesirable chemicals, which of course don’t show up on any label because they are inherent in the oils. Do you know anything about this?
    Thanks again for all the great info!

    1. Irina Webb

      That is a good question and reminder, Jennifer! Yes, we should be looking for cold-pressed oils in all skin care products. By the way, oils are used in creams and lotions just in smaller quantities. Normally, certified organic oils are cold pressed but it is always good to double check. ~Irina

  4. Avatar
    Jennifer Pendergast

    I just have to say – tonight I combined oil (I use sesame and some carrot seed oil) and water in my hand like you mentioned, and holy lotion! I haven’t felt so hydrated in years! Love it.

  5. Avatar

    Hi, Irina, when I read the title of your article I thought that your first recommendation will be Laurel facial oils (former Sequoia Beauty). Well, was I surprised not to find this line in your list of recommendations?! How come? Thank you.

      1. Avatar

        Yep, their prices have gone up significantly since she first started at the Framers Market. It’s unfortunate because she has lost some of her original followers 🙁 Thanks for looking for affordable alternative options for us 🙂

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