Organic Cotton Velour Sleep Sack with Leg Holes and Discount

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Castleware Sleepsack with Leg Holes ReviewI made my son cry!  I received a sleep sack from CastleWare, put it on him, and he immediately patted it approvingly.  But the poor guy started crying when I attempted to take it off – he loves it that much…  About a year ago I wrote a post complaining about the lack of warm sleep ware made of organic cotton, as opposed to petroleum-based fabric with flame retardant chemicals.  Bit by bit I have been finding sleepware that is truly amazing.  In this post, I am going to review an organic cotton velour sleep sack with leg holes.

This organic cotton velour sleep sack with leg holes is made by CastleWare, here in California.  Maureen, an owner of CastleWare, generously sent me organic cotton velour sleep sack with leg holes for my review.

Castleware Sleepsack with Leg Holes Review

When I opened the package, I could tell immediately that I was holding an item of genuine quality.  Every stitch was impeccable, with no loose fibers or threads.   The zipper is hidden in a little pocket, away from the child’s little hands.

The fabric is so soft to the touch that my son immediately fell in love with it.  (I think I have to persuade Maureen to produce clothing for adults too!)

Currently, most velour is made of a non-organic cotton/polyester blend.  Non-organic cotton may contain pesticide residue and other undisclosed toxic chemicals.  Pesticides pollute the environment, are harmful to the people who apply them and to those who live close the cotton fields.  Pesticides also end up in our drinking water and food.

Most polyester is made from petroleum, with questionable chemicals used in the manufacturing process.  For example, polyester sleep sacks might contain flame retardant chemicals even though sleep sacks are not required to pass any flammability tests.  This is because during the manufacture of the polyester fabric, flame retardant chemicals may be built into polyester.  Therefore, if you ask the sellers whether their polyester sleep sacks are treated with flame retardant chemicals, they may tell you “no,” and they may be right, but this does not ensure that the sacks are truly flame retardant-free.

All CastleWare products (including this organic cotton velour sleep sack with leg holes) are made of 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton.  GOTS ensures that not only the cotton is organic, but also that the entire supply chain (processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution) is environmentally and socially responsible.  The organic cotton used by CastleWare is grown in Texas; spinning and knitting is done in South Carolina.  The organic cotton velour sleep sack with leg holes comes fully un-dyed, or un-dyed with colored trim.

This organic cotton velour sleep sack with leg holes is quite warm and made for temperatures as low as 60-70 degrees.  Another great feature is that it is true to its size and comes preshrunk.  Of course, the preshrinking process is absolutely free of any chemicals.  CastleWare simply washes the items in hot water without any detergents.

And lastly, CastleWare is certified by Green America, whose “mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.”

Sometimes you get what you pay for.  So while you may pay a little more for CastleWare products, in return you will be getting truly safe, non-toxic, and luxurious products made from start to finish, right here in the US.

But wait – more great news.  Maureen graciously offered 20% off storewide to my blog subscribers.  The discount coupon is valid till March 9, 2014.  If you are a current subscriber, e-mail me to ask for the code and be sure to subscribe to my blog if you have not yet.  More discounts and giveaways for my subscribers are coming on products I have researched and approved.

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  1. Great job, getting a seller to give your blog subscribers a discount! Way to go, Irina!

  2. Whitney Thornburg

    I’ve used these sleep sacks for YEARS and they hold up so well. They are one of my favorite baby/toddler products!

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